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Le Tour de France 2016 - Pro Cycling Manager 2016


In Tour de France 2016 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox you play a professional rider competing in the “Grande Boucle”. Immerse yourself in this supreme challenge of professional racing, and experience all the adrenaline and thrills of the greatest champions of that sport!

Select one of the official teams participating in the Tour and embark on an amazing Tour de France 2016 packed with challenges: from the “grand départ” at the foot of Mont Saint-Michel, battle through the tough routes in the Pyrenees between France and Spain and challenge the best climbers on the mythical inclines of Mont Ventoux and the Mont Blanc massif to experience the excitement of the grand finale on the Champs Elysées.

Manage your effort efficiently, select the best trajectories and implement the best race strategies with your teammates to achieve the objectives set by your manager and sponsors. In single player or in multiplayer on the same screen, you can attack, defend your jersey and set the pace of the peloton… change riders at any time to adapt to the race events; anything is possible in Tour de France 2016!

New Features

An even more realistic Tour : improved graphics, riders with varying physiques, a soundscape that conveys even more thrilling peloton action, new backdrops and race settings and atmospheres along the route of this Tour 2016.

Even more comprehensive Challenge mode : you can currently compete with a friend in split-screen and also add a “ghost” rider in Challenge mode to watch your previous descents. Finally, you can now view the rankings online to compare your times with the rest of the world.

New game mechanics: the gear ratio and feed system are now more accessible, the team objectives are more closely aligned with the composition of your team and the next stage, a new sponsor system makes its debut in Pro Team mode, the behavior and reactions of the teammates have been redesigned and so much more!

More competitions : the Tryptique Tour and the Circuit des Grimpeurs (the climbers’ circuit) are now playable in the Tour and MY Tour modes.

New Features

Enhanced realism

Cycle along even more realistic routes, discover new and beautiful scenery stretching from the foot of Mont Saint-Michel to the peaks of the Ventoux to the legendary final in Paris. Ride in the center of an even more eventful peloton with a richer and more immersive soundscape and spot your rivals more easily from their specific body types (sprinter, climber, etc.).

New game mechanics

Gear changes are currently managed automatically to allow the player more freedom to concentrate on his tactical decisions. The team objectives are now even more closely aligned with the composition of your team for the next stage to provide greater realism. Finally, this year fans of sprints will be able to “throw” their bike over the line to gain the precious centimeters that could make all the difference in a competitive sprint finish!

A more comprehensive Challenge mode

Players seeking sensational thrills will enjoy a more comprehensive Challenge mode. This mode will enable you to test your skills as a descender as you pile on the speed to race down the cols as quickly as possible, and can currently only be played with two players on the same screen. In single player, a “ghost” of your previous descents will be displayed to serve as a reference point. Lastly, you can compare your times with the world rankings, including the times of the best descenders in the game!

More competitions

New routes are now playable in the Tour and MY Tour modes in addition to the Tour de France 2016 and 2015 and the Critériums (International and Dauphiné), providing more alternatives and new stages compared to the existing routes. The Circuit des Grimpeurs and the Triptyque Tour will provide more variety and challenges for players.

Upgraded AI

Your manager will be more active during the races and will automatically propose different tactics to immediately deal with key events in the race, i.e. a breakaway of a direct competitor, to win the yellow jersey. You are responsible for choosing the best strategy and your teammates will automatically respond to your instructions.


Total immersion

Tour de France 2016 is back with many new visual improvements: from the riders with different physiques that mark them out as climbers or sprinters, lovingly rendered backdrops that are more beautiful, detailed and varied than ever before, an animated crowd lining the route that will clear the way for you during the more arduous ascents, a new interface design… to the visual enhancements that create a real atmosphere in the peloton with a more visible sporting director and teammates, and a sound design that will put you right in amongst the champions competing in the “Grande Boucle”.

New routes NEW

New routes mean fresh backdrops: discover varied and magnificent scenery from the foot of Mont Saint-Michel to the peaks of the Ventoux, passing through Andorra and Saint Gervais Mont Blanc. Not to mention the legendary breathtaking final on the Champs Elysées!


You’re the rider!

Manage your tactical decisions, effort and trajectories in real time. Anticipate the feed zones, exploit the wind direction, “suck” the wheel of your teammates and rivals, launch attacks, counter, follow the perfect trajectory and “throw” your bike over the line to gain the precious centimeters that could win you the sprint!

Manage your team

Issue instructions to your teammates: attack, protect and set the pace of the peloton... your sporting director will help you and suggest tactics to respond to a specific race event, for example when a dangerous opponent suddenly breaks away! Become an excellent descender and revel in the descent gameplay in Tour de France 2016 that is designed for adrenaline junkies and fans of sharp bends!

Sprint expert NEW

Perfect timing is essential during the sprint phases with the intermediate sprints, bonuses and close finishes. This year you can also perform a “bike throw” over the line to gain those precious centimeters that could make all the difference when you’re fighting to pip your rivals to the post.

Pro Team Mode

Upgraded Pro Team mode NEW

Control a team of novice riders who you will nurture and develop over several seasons. Achieve the best result possible in each stage to increase your budget, because in 2016 the sponsors will appear in this game mode. Select the sponsor whose objectives best match your team’s profile and recruit the most talented riders to build your dream team. Pro Team mode can be played in single player and Co-op mode!

Pro Team season

A season consists of the Tour de France, the Critérium International and the Critérium du Dauphiné of course. The season 2016 also makes you discover its new stages, different settings and fresh objectives for the race and your team. A transfer phase is also included in the closed seasons to enable you to recruit new riders and build your dream team.

Cycling legends

Achieve the objectives in each competition to unlock the stars of the Tour to confront or recruit them. Achieving a specific goal may also enable you to unlock the legends of the Tour and their extraordinary statistics that will give your team a terrific boost.

Upgraded Challenge Mode

Upgraded Challenge Mode NEW

Test your skills as a descender! A Tour or a jersey can be won and also lost depending on your ability to negotiate the descents. We challenge you to descend the cols via the technical route to beat the reference times! A great new feature this year: in Challenge mode you can also compete against a friend on the same screen. If you prefer to play a solo game, a “ghost” feature will enable you to watch your previous descents. Finally, you can now view the rankings online to compare your times with the rest of the world.


Challenge your friends

The Tour de France frequently sets the stage for some memorable duels, and this also applies to the Tour de France on console. Challenge your friends in a multiplayer game on the same screen (up to two players) and battle it out neck and neck for the yellow jersey in some fierce contests! Only a perfect trajectory and the excellent management of your effort will enable you to emerge victorious from the confrontation! Tour, MY Tour and Challenge modes can be played in 1 vs 1.

Co-op mode

As cycling is also and predominantly a team sport, why not ask a team member to support you at any time during the race. In Co-op mode you and your teammate can launch a long breakaway, devise a series of relays and widen the gap between you and your pursuers! The tour, MY Tour and Pro Team modes are available in Co-op mode.

Tour Modes

Tour Mode

In single player, Co-op or 1 vs 1 you can take part in the Critériums (International/Dauphiné), Triptyque Tour and the Circuit des Grimpeurs right up to the Tour de France. The Tour 2016 winds its way through four countries (France, Spain, Andorra and Switzerland), which alternates between flat stages, hilly stages, mountains and individual time trials. Starting from the Mont Saint-Michel to the finishes at altitude in Andorra, the Ventoux and Saint Gervais Mont Blanc, you will have your work cut out if you hope to wear the yellow jersey at the finish on the Champs Elysées! A reconnaissance trip of each stage prior to the grand départ will be crucial if you want to gain a significant advantage and familiarise yourself with the intricacies of the routes!

“MY” Tour mode NEW

Select one of the official teams taking part in the Tour 2016 and build YOUR unique competition over 21 stages. If you want to participate in a competition comprising mountain stages only and achieve your team objectives at the head of your best climbers; no problem! You can “poach” elements from all the stages in the Tour de France to create your personalized competition; the Critériums, Triptyque Tour and the Circuit des Grimpeurs. This mode can be played in single player, 1 vs 1 and Co-op mode.