Embody the greatest champions and hit the official track of the Tour de France 2018! Enjoy all the intensity of this legendary race: attack, follow the best trajectories, and carry out the finest racing tactics to lead your team to victory and earn the mythical Yellow Jersey LCL!

New Features

New Pro Leader Mode

Play as a rider and conquer the peloton with the all-new Pro Leader mode! Create your own rider and bring him to the top of his career by completing objectives to improve and gain new responsibilities from season to season.

New “Classics” races

Enjoy the unique feel of cycling’s most iconic races with the addition of the legendary Paris-Roubaix, bringing new cobbled sector gameplay, and the World Championships.

New Schedule with more races

Bringing it ever-closer to reality, the Pro Team mode schedule has been enriched with twice as many races. Perform well from season to season to unlock new races and earn enough to recruit the world’s best riders!

Progression System

Your performance has never been more critical to the success of your team. At the end of each season, a ranking will now show the best teams and best cyclists. Depending on your ranking, you will be able to unlock new races and recruit more riders; while bad results could mean some of your best pro riders will want to leave the team.

Fitness Peak System

It’s now up to you to make strategic decisions about your riders’ fitness peaks. When the season starts, you will be able to decide when each of your riders will enjoy their best form. Make sure to choose wisely so your team is at its best when it matters the most!

Improved AI

New year, new AI improvements. AI cyclists now feature more aggressive and realistic behavior, making this year's sprints and breakaways as competitive as ever. Finally, enjoy total control over your team’s behavior by switching off the Help via Team Comm.


Total Immersion

Experience the Tour de France’s unique atmosphere on your console! Lifted by the cheers of the spectators, ride along realistic routes surrounded by ever more detailed and richer scenery. Enjoy an immersive sound experience, with a lively peloton, vocal commentaries, and a sports manager who is as close to the action and as relevant during his briefings and debriefings as ever.

New Tour, New Routes

Enjoy new scenery featuring the different regions crossed by this year’s Tour de France: from Noirmoutier-en-l’Île to Roubaix, from the Alps to the Pyrenees and the breath-taking finale on the Champs-Élysées, discover the French countryside as you race!


You are the rider

Your performance on a race depends on your ability to make the right decisions in real time. Manage your effort and stamina, make tactical decisions and choose the best trajectories. Identify each stage’s key areas, launch attacks and counter attacks, watch out for breakaways, take the wind direction into account and give your teammates directions in order to win!


Study the difficulties and opportunities of each stage and react properly while entering key areas. A strong wind could help spread out formations, a narrow road is conducive to trapping a direct opponent, while you can take advantage of a challenging downhill to outdistance your opponents.

Adaptable Opponents

Your opponents have a short and long-term strategy and they can analyze the potential of every cyclist on the Tour. The team wearing the yellow jersey will most likely let you breakaway if you’re at the bottom of the ranks, but will watch out for you if you threaten their leadership.

Act as a leader

Give your teammates orders through the Team Comm to protect you or any rider in your squad, chase a breakaway, stay put in the peloton or watch for potential attacks and manage your effort. You will also be able to fully disable your teammates’ AI, letting you control their behaviour completely, as each order will remain active until a new order is given.



Whether you play in single player, co-op, or 1 vs 1, challenge yourself in one of the seven events available (Tour de France 2018, Critérium du Dauphiné, La Route Corse, Paris-Nice, Open Tour, Euro Tour and Sprint Challenge) and try to win! From Noirmoutier to Paris, this year’s Tour de France will take you through flat, mountain and time trial stages, in winds and on cobbled roads – bringing the Yellow Jersey back to Paris on your shoulders will not be easy. Study the next stage and take advantage of every opportunity to make a difference!


Choose one of the official teams engaged in the Tour de France 2018 and create your own Tour! Whether you prefer to take part in a competition entirely made of mountain stages or to work on your sprints on flat stages, it’s up to you! Make your picks from all the stages in the Tour de France, the Critérium du Dauphiné, the Paris-Nice, the Euro Tour, the Open Tour, the Sprint Challenge, La Route Corse, or even the new Classics, and craft your masterpiece. This mode is playable in single player, 1 vs 1 and co-op.


This brand-new mode brings two new, legendary races: compete for the Rainbow Jersey and the World Champion title in the World Championship race or face the cobbled roads of Paris-Roubaix, one of the five Monuments of Cycling!


Thanks to the database editor, you can modify every cyclist’s statistics as well as the teams’ line-ups, ending up with a personalized database and game experience.


Earning XP in Tour, MyTour and Classics modes allows you to unlock the Tour’s stars to play with or compete against. By achieving specific objectives, you can also unlock the Tour’s legends with outstanding statistics – great backup for your team.

Pro team mode

The Pro team mode

Control a brand-new team of 15 riders and guide them over several seasons in search of the ultimate goal: winning the legendary Tour de France. Fulfill your objectives to increase your team’s attractiveness and recruitment budget. Pick sponsors according to your team’s profile and put your Dream Team together! The Pro Team mode is playable solo or in co-op.


Live an exciting and rich 2018 season with many new races, stages… and riders! Season after season, your 15-rider team must play to their strengths, making the most of the new Fitness system to get good results and unlock esteemed races such as Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice or the Critérium du Dauphiné and have access to the world’s best riders in the offseason’s transfer market!


Your performance has never been more critical to the success of your team. At the end of each season, a ranking will now show the best teams and best cyclists. Depending on your ranking, you will be able to unlock new races and recruit more riders; while bad results could mean some of your best pro riders will want to leave the team.


It’s now up to you to make strategic decisions about your team’s fitness peaks. When the season starts, focus on making sure that your top riders reach their best physical condition at the most important times in the season, lowering the risk of a bad daily form and increasing your chances of success. For your least experienced or back-up riders you can choose to schedule their fitness peak for minor races.

Pro Leader mode - NEW

Become the next global cycling phenomenon in this new career mode! Create your own pro cyclist and customize his name, age, nationality, morphology, specialization and even pedalling speed! After joining a team, upgrade your stats race after race by completing multiple objectives. For example, improving your stamina, will require you to spend time in cobbled sectors or in solo breakaways.

Challenge mode

Test your skills as a downhill rider! Your ability to manage downhills can confirm your victory or cost you the Tour or a jersey. This mode consists of riding down technical passes to beat reference times. Playable for two players in split-screen, the Challenge mode also lets you play by yourself against your “ghost”. An online leader board lets you measure your performance against players from around the world.



The Tour de France often features memorable duels, and so does Tour de France on consoles. With up to 2 players on the same console, challenge your friends and fight for the Yellow Jersey during contested races! Only a perfect trajectory and great effort management can lead you to win the confrontation! Tour, MY Tour and Challenge modes are playable in 1 vs 1.

Play Cooperatively

Since cycling is also and above all a team sport, invite a friend at any time to support your efforts. In cooperative mode launch a long breakaway with your teammate in local play, take turns to ride in front and increase the distance from your pursuers! Tour, MY Tour and Pro Team modes are playable in co-op split screen. Note that you can continue any single player game in co-op by re-launching the game once your teammate is connected.


Step into the shoes of a sports manager and lead your pro cycling team through a challenge-packed 2018 season. Compete in over 200 races across 500 stages around the world, including famous Tours such as La Vuelta and the iconic Tour de France.

It’s up to you to make all the decisions for your team: hiring the best cyclists and staff, contract negotiations, sponsoring, race scheduling, training… During the race, choose the finest tactics to lead your riders to victory. Play solo or online multiplayer in clans with up to 16 players and prove to everyone who is the best pro cycling manager!

New Features

New routes - NEW



Learn about the riders’ career preferences to better negotiate with them: team prestige, high salary requirements, same nationality teammates… Find what your prospects want to meet their expectations and recruit them before they run out of patience or another team forestalls you.


Season after season, see which teams succeed in attracting the best riders and get to the top and which ones are being deserted by their leaders and get relegated to lower ranks. Learn which cyclists are the most loyal to their team and which ones are more inclined to switch teams frequently and use this intel to get the world’s top cyclists in YOUR team!


Sponsor negotiations will now happen earlier in the season allowing the player to consider their complete budget for strategic recruitment decisions. In addition, sponsors will now have a maximum potential budget for the following year, which will give the player more strategic choices to increase their budget in the long term.


Like many professional cyclists, you can now give your riders a double specialization from the beginning of their career – one main and one secondary. Also, customize your riders’ evolution when they level up by choosing between immediate improvements and maximum potential increase for their stats.


Enjoy the sensation of racing the most prestigious 1-day events of the calendar with a new specific AI for classics and world championships. In addition, new bigger breakaways with 20+ cyclists will occur in all races, and the AI will consequently behave realistically by being more aggressive when trying to catch up.



Control one of the official professional teams across three divisions, recruit and manage your cyclists as well as your staff, organise their calendars and training programs, and make the best decisions during the race. Britain, the Mediterranean Sea, the Alps, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Italy, and many more - you’ll travel a lot during the 2018 season of Pro Cycling Manager. This year, in addition to road races, again engage in intense track events like Keirin or point races.


Off-race, more accessible and contextualized tooltips will display essential information to let you make the best decisions. Learn precise information about the rhythm of the race, your riders’ stats and shape, and adapt your strategy accordingly. In-race, effort management is particularly important, especially when a stage’s topography is varying.


Whether it is a Classic or a Grand Tour spanning over several weeks, always monitor your cyclists’ shape and recovery. Check their shape prior to starting races to evaluate their potential for the coming stages or their ability to handle several Grand Tours in a row. Come up with a personalized training program for each cyclist so they can benefit from performance bonuses when they reach optimal fitness.


With new routes and new backgrounds, everything is in place to make the varied and detailed races around the world shine! Discover the Tour de France 2018 with over 3,300 kilometres to ride and famous stops like Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, Roubaix, and the Champs-Élysées, or brand-new stops like Fontenay-le-Comte, Espelette and more!



As a sports manager decide to lead a Continental, Pro Continental or World Tour pro cycling team. From creation and customization of your team to budget managing, do everything a pro manager would: recruit cyclists, choose specialized and talented trainers that suit your team best, give them individual goals and adapted training programs to keep them motivated, hire medical staff, manage sponsoring, handle your calendar, your team’s race schedule, and even the R&D of cycling materials.


Handle your calendar and enter your team in the different competitions of the season. Manage training sessions, recovery, R&D, test new prototypes and material for your cyclists, and include youngsters in the team at the appropriate time. To motivate your riders, set individual goals for them. Leader, Sprinter, Domestique, and more - each cyclist has personalized goals they are free to pursue.


While negotiating a contract, you will have access to every cyclist’s professional and personal information. You will now have to consider his preference for a certain team or nationality, salary requirements, team prestige standards… If a negotiation lasts too long, the rider can quit due to limited patience, so make your strategic decisions quickly! And don’t forget to keep an eye on team rankings as well as riders that wish to leave their current team.


The transfer system has been entirely redesigned to be closer to reality. Each rival team now has its own project, goals and interests to govern their recruitment strategy, while riders also have their own ambitions, preferences, loyalties and rivalries to influence their pick of team.


To deepen the simulation, budget management and sponsor objectives have been redesigned. Sponsor negotiations will now happen earlier in the season allowing the player to consider his complete budget for strategic recruitment decisions. In addition, sponsors will now have a maximum potential budget for the following year, which will give you more strategic choices to increase your budget in the long term. Choose your sponsors and objectives carefully, preferring the programs that suit your team size and means the best.

Pro Cyclist


In Pro Cyclist mode, you leave your management shoes in the locker and step into those of a cyclist starting his career. Once you’ve created your rider, choose your first team and your manager will assign you a role and some specific objectives. Your progress will heavily depend on your ability to comply with your manager and leader’s directives, and maybe one day, you’ll become the team leader yourself. Being the leader lets you participate in the events you want to compete in, but also means you select your teammates from amongst the best riders and give them orders during race. Build yourself a solid reputation in the peloton, and you might join one of the most prestigious cycling teams!


Like many professional cyclists, you can now give your riders a double specialization from the beginning of their career – one main and one secondary. Also, customize your riders’ evolution by choosing between immediate improvements and maximum potential increase for their stats. All these changes, plus a rebalancing of rider levelling, have made it more enjoyable to progress. Once leader, a new option allows you to give a free effort order to your teammates while forming a train.

In race


During the race, adjust your strategy in real time and manage your team’s effort. You can also give individual orders like asking your leader and his lieutenant to react to every attack. Set up rapid tempo for mountain climbing and lower the effort while down hilling, resupply your cyclists regularly, and try to keep enough stamina for the final sprint. Fail to do so and your riders will have difficulties in the race’s next stages…


You are the manager during a race, but also before and after! Before each race, pay attention to your team data, find your strengths and weaknesses, and build up the best tactics (shape of the cyclists, type of events, weather…) to counter your contenders. Stage after stage, you will have to deal with your riders’ tiredness and readjust your team accordingly to get the best results.


At any time during the race, organize your team in a paceline and place your cyclists tactically to keep them in the best possible condition when approaching a key moment. You have identified the sprints that will win you precious seconds? Form a paceline a few kilometers before the sprint to toughen up the race, stretch the peloton and assure you can enter the defining zone in a good position. Lastly, you’ll need to choose the preferred trajectory of your sprinter to avoid getting stuck in the last meters and make the final push.


While AI can already analyse your team’s composition and make long-term strategic decisions, it will now make even more effort to catch you on the breakaway! Other teams will adapt their pace, such as having an aggressive behavior during intermediate sprints to earn precious points. Skimming on cobblestones has been accentuated to revalue this specific stat, as well as AI behaviors on atypical arrival races to show more realistic results.


Ready to prove your value against other pro managers? Compete online in existing or self-made tournaments, races, tours and routes! You can create your own clan and join your friends in the in-game chat to organize competitions and consult current leaderboards. Dive into competitive mode at the head of one of the game’s professional teams and reach the top of the official rankings!


Thanks to the Steam Workshop, you can share and download user-generated content, whether it was created by you or by the huge community of enthusiastic Pro Cycling Manager 2018 players. New races, jerseys, and databases – you have all you need to expand and constantly renew your game experience with unlimited content created by the community.